GS Air Atomizer

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1. Thread Adjustable Air Inflow
2. Changeable Mouthpiece
3. Unique Base

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    Product Introduction

    GS Air atomizer is specifically designed for the iStick battery. It features a dual-coil atomizer head that doesn’t leak and can handle up to 20W. The GS Air also comes at a very economical price and is simple to use. GS Air will complement your istick and give you a pleasurable vaping experience.


    Length: 67.6mm
    Diameter: 16.5mm
    Capasity: 2.5ml
    Voltage: 3.5V-5.5V
    Wattage: 8W-20W
    Resistance: 1.5(+/-0.1)ohm(dual coil)
    Color: silver
    Thread Type: 510


    Eleaf  GS Air Atomizer comes with

    1* GS Air Mouthpiece
    1* GS Air Atomizer Tube
    1* GS Air Head
    1* GS Air Atomizer Base




    1. GS Air Head:Equipped with two parallel 3ohm coils which will bring a high degree of stability and safety compared to single 1.5ohm coil. This structure ensures no leakage and burning taste under high wattage, also the cloud production while vaping.

    2.Thread Adjustable Air Inflow: Change airflow by adjusting the tightness of screw that will let you enjoy different vaping experience in a easy and practical way.The tighter the screw is, the less the airflow is.

    3.E-juice Window: It is easy to clean and users can enjoy large capacity of 2.5ml.

    4.Changeable Mouthpiece: Users can replace mouthpiece easily and can customizer their vaping experience.

    5.Unique Base: The surface treatment technology is straight grain knurling, easier to replace the atomizer head.

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