iStick 100W

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1. Huge power output
2. Changeable cell structure
3. Added ventilation holes

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    Product Introduction

    The iStick 100W is a new addition to the iStick series. The 100 watts maximum output will give you a powerful vaping experience. Designed with changeable 18650 cell structure, it will be more convenient for users who like to carry spare cells. The ventilation holes are specially added for better heat dissipation. With a round and smooth surface, our iStick 100W will also give you a great feel in your hand.

    istick 100w mod

    Size: 54.0mm*25.8mm*100.0mm
    Color: Black, silver
    Cell type: Two 18650 cells(High-rate)
    Thread type: 510 thread

    Rated output wattage: 5-100W
    Rated output voltage: 2-10V
    Rated resistance range: 0.15ohm-5ohm


    Package comes with:

    1×iStick 100W Battery Body(without cell)
    1×iStick 100W Battery Cover
    1×User Manual
    1×USB Cable
    1 x eGo Threading Connector

    istick 100w


    1.Huge power output: The 100W maximum power output will give you a powerful vaping experience.

    2.Changeable cell structure: With changeable 18650 cell structure, it will be safer and more convenient for users who like to carry spare cells.High-rate 18650 cells are recommended, for example, Sony US18650VTC4.

    3.Added ventilation holes: The ventilation holes on both the front and back sides are specially designed for better heat dissipation.

    4.Accurate reading of resistance: The reading of resistance is more accurate with the number down to the second decimal point.

    5.Magnetic battery back cover: The back cover can automatically match well with the battery body under the traction of magnetic force.

    6.Stainless steel threads and spring connector: As a member of iStick series battery, it retains stainless steel threads for strong wear resistance and spring connector for high adaptability.

    Operation Guide

    Charging: The battery power indicator on the screen will keep flashing when the remaining power is less than 10%. iStick 100W can be charged through USB port at the bottom via 1A wall adapter. The battery indicator will keep flashing during charging and the screen will go out when fully charged.

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